Sunday, August 20, 2017

Farmstead Garden Pictures....

 What beautiful gardens on the farmstead. We sure enjoyed visiting them.

 We visited the Farmstead with my parents and we all had a good time. It was a special treat.

 Dad wore his straw hat to protect from the sun... and used his cane... and wore his insulated vest so he didn't get cold! :)   You can see him in the picture below.

 So many beautiful flowers...

 This shows my Dad, 2 of my daughters and one son.... and my son is actually pushing my mom in a wheelchair. She can walk, but long walks like this are too hard on her since she injured her back a couple of years ago, so we push her in a wheelchair for such a trip.

 This woodland garden was quiet and peaceful.  

There was a nice collection of large chimes in the trees in the woods and what a beautiful sound they made!

 A fun idea for a planter... appropriate for a farmstead garden!

  I  especially LOVE the picture below! That little girl had just hugged the statue of the little girl. I didn't get a photo of that, but I did get this photo of her saying good bye to the "little girl". So sweet!   :)

 The grain bin tops out there house an eagle, bobcat and other animals and birds.

 My dad loves the farm equipment and he tells us what each item is and if he used it when he was a kid on the farm. These are precious times.

 The bridges in the woods were closed because of flood damage and some of the paths were closed.  This tree's roots have become exposed by the flood waters and hopefully, the tree won't be damaged from it.

 I loved looking at the barn through the flowers. 

What beautiful gardens they have. We have been to this place before and I posted about it in this post:

Getting More Out of a Field Trip

The flowers are different this time... and so were some other things, but it was another enjoyable trip.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the homestead gardens.  Thank you for visiting today.  

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Monday, August 14, 2017

Beautiful Reflections

 Beautiful reflections catch my attention, like this reflected house. The sun on the side of the house, the still water, the early morning... all worked together to create some beautiful reflections.

 I love the colors and shadows of the early morning.... the softer light...  and the peacefulness.

This picture shows the heron and its reflection.......... and also the reflection of the house not shown in the picture.  It seemed to be an interesting way to crop the picture.

The sunrise was beautiful............. and its reflection was amazing! What a blessing to be there and to capture it on my camera.  

I liked the image of only the reflected sunrise... and the plants in the water.

I do enjoy looking for reflections... and I hope you have also enjoyed these.  It was such a beautiful morning and I so enjoyed having the privilege of observing these scenes. 

Which picture is your favorite? 

I hope you have a great week... thank you for visiting.  

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Sunday, August 6, 2017

A Different Kind of Beauty at the Lake

 There is a lake not too far from us... it is a county park... and we sure enjoy going there. As I have said before, we live in the city, but our hearts are in the country... so getting out into country like this is nice for us.

We have so many pictures of this lake... in all kinds of moods and weather.

 There is a beauty to it in all seasons
 and weather.  The colors change, the water can be smooth, rippled or rough. The reflections can be mirror like, or not as clear or just a  shadow on the surface.

Today, we were there on a rainy, cloudy day. Things looked dull... and it wasn't very interesting and I was tempted to write the day off as not worth taking pictures.

I did notice the clouds since I love watching clouds. The clouds were quite interesting.

Then I also noticed the shadowed reflection of the dark cloud on the surface of the lake.

 The picture above shows the road over the dam... and how dark the day was..... 

This picture shows that dark cloud on the lake again.

The shadow changed a bit as we looked at the lake from various views... but it stayed on the lake. 

Instead of being dull and boring... I saw something new and interesting.

I still prefer the lake on sunny days, like the photo below, but I do like the lake even on rainy cloudy days.

 Here is a foggy morning on the same lake. It was so quiet and peaceful. 

The picture below looked wonderful for a peaceful time of reflection looking out at the lake.

So many differences in a lake... so much beauty. Some of it is quickly obvious and some of it only becomes visible after looking harder.  

I still prefer the beautiful blue color to the gray or dark color of the lake, but the lake is certainly beautiful. 

I am reminded that there are so many people who don't seem to be appealing at all... their demeanor and their attitude makes it easy to ignore them... to stay away.... but sometimes when we take the time to get to know them a bit, we can find a type of beauty that wasn't obvious at the beginning.

God works in such... and creates beauty as he works in a life. Maybe a life that is broken or going through hard times or walking through great darkness. None of it is too hard for God and what a blessing that He doesn't give up as easily as we do. What a blessing to see what beauty He can create from difficulties.  

Sometimes He uses us in such a work and sometimes He lets us see the results of His work. Thinking of such helps me to watch for what work God may be doing... instead of just writing a person off as "hopeless".  I have seem some people who looked utterly hopeless to me, experience God's changing work in their life... and the difference is beautiful to see. He can do that work in our lives too... if we let Him. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you see God's work in your life... and in the lives of those around you. 

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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Storm Damage and Flooding

 We have had some storms... some with heavy rain (5" overnight!), some with winds and loss of power and some just loud.

After one storm, there was a lot of tree damage... it was odd in that it looked like the tops of so many trees were twisted off, which may have been a microburst. There were also very strong straight winds. 

This picture has 2 arrows... the one on the left is pointing to a long piece of a tree branch... maybe 2' long x 1 1/2"... and it was stabbed into the ground. I am so thankful no one was there when it went into the ground with such force! 

The arrow on the right points to an area where a tree was in the road. There were trees and power lines down in many places.  Our damage was minimal, especially compared to what others experienced. Our power was out for 6 hours while it was so hot... making it hard to sleep. Oh, how we appreciate the air conditioning more now! Others were without power for longer... even days.

The winds were strong in this storm... the big branches and limbs were hitting the house and windows.... blowing on the roof and banging the roof... and flying to the other side of the house. We enjoy watching storms, but this one was scary.  We ended up having some damage to a roof vent which caused some leaking into the house, but we are thankful. By the way, our windows and even the screens were undamaged! So surprising, since the branches hit the windows.

 There were limbs and branches down... and some trees pulled up by the roots... some onto houses. It was a very violent storm and how thankful we were to be inside our home... and safe. There were leaves and clumps of leaves all over...whole leaves were plastered to the house and vehicles... then I also noticed that there were so many bits of leaves... tips of leaves and I wondered at the power that could tear those leaves to pieces and leave others whole. 

In this picture, you can see the hanging basket... it came through the storm just fine, as did other plants, but then some things were damaged greatly. It was an odd storm. 

Our 2 oldest sons went out in the still rainy aftermath of the storm, during the night and saw trees down, power lines down and they guarded a power line until emergency crews could get there. They also helped to move a tree and debris out of the road. 

 These poor people had much more damage to their house...  what a mess for them.

 Trying to go places was a challenge at times.. water runoff caused flooding... 5" of water overnight needed to go somewhere!

This picture shows the road ending in water... and it also shows that the water had already receded a lot... the debris in the foreground was where the water had been. Wow!

 Yes, there is a road down there under the water.

This looks like a lake... where there had been a wet area with cattails next to the road, but it flooded the area.... clear up near the train tracks. The road went up there, but was flooded at the time. 

 Such a large amount of water. Such amazing power. I am so thankful to know the God who controls the storms.

Do we still like to watch storms? Yes, but we do so with a soberness and marvel at the mighty hand of God.

I have been commenting on earlier posts, that the skies have been amazing this year... the cloud formations are wonderful. It has been a stormy year... yet there is still a wonderful beauty present and I am glad to take pictures of that beauty.  

Have you been seeing storms and damage this year?  Maybe you live in a place that has drought...  there are so many ways that the weather affects our lives. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to reading your comments. :)  I hope you have a good week.

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