Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Our Duck Adventure-The Beginning

You may have read my post on Gentle Joy Homemaker, about living in the country. It has been a dream of ours for many years and finally it happened! You can read about it here if you are interested:

Living In the Country

Anyway, on to the duck adventure.....

Yes, we have ducks. Six of them, to be exact. Was it a dream of ours to have ducks someday? No.... never.....                  

   So, why would we have ducks?

It started with a trip to the farm store for some forgotten reason. While there, we heard lots of peeps and chirps which led us to investigate and discover baby chicks and ducklings. They were so cute, of course... which is probably why they were close to the cash register area as a temptation. Yes, they were cute, and I thought that was that. My husband said the girls would LOVE to see those. I agreed and we went about our business. Later, another trip was made to the farm store to show the chicks and ducklings to the girls. I thought that was nice... they enjoyed it... but I was firm about saying we didn't need any ducks!

Our sons also had to go to the farm store for something and commented on the cute little ducklings. I agreed that they were cute and life went on. We had lots to do as we hadn't lived in our house in the country for very long and one son was graduating and another son got engaged. Life was busy, but it was so nice to live in the country. I was also very glad my husband had dropped the duckling idea. Whew.

Then a few weeks later, one son came to us saying he wanted to buy 2 ducklings for the youngest sister for her birthday. I resisted ..... as the voice of reason..... too much work, it'll cost too much, what would we do with them as they got older, etc. By this time, son and husband were both very enthusiastic and countered all of my objections. 

Now, don't get me wrong. I do NOT make the decisions for our family....  I just let my ideas be known because my husband had asked, "What do you think, Honey?" This went on for a while and excitement over the possible birthday surprise rose. I started feeling like I was holding up the party and figured that maybe I was being too inflexible, so I agreed she would love the ducks and since son and husband said they would take care of details, I hesitantly thought, "Ooookay... " 

The day of her birthday was approaching, but ducklings were out of stock. What a disappointment... and a secret relief for me. Whew again! 

Then the store had another unexpected duckling shipment arrive, so the surprise was still on. What a hard secret to keep!  

                         Our Ducklings first pool was a small birdbath.

Our life began to revolve around ducks...  they needed to be warm enough, but not too warm. They needed to eat... and then we also had to buy grit for them to be able to digest their food.... they liked the water, but couldn't stay in too long since they didn't have the ability to oil their feathers at such a young age, and more. 

                 Our ducklings graduated to swimming in the wheelbarrow. They loved to have dandelions in the water for a snack.

                                 A little pool gave the ducks more room to swim.

We learned, played with ducks, learned some more, cuddled ducks and kept learning.... and cleaning up after ducks. sigh.

              Getting dried off and cuddled after swim time....  2 very sleepy little ducks.

So, that is how we ended up with 2 sweet little ducklings. I know, I know.... there are more than 2 ducks in the first picture in this post and you are right.... we do have more than 2 ducks now. How all of that came about is a story for another time. 

The ducklings were fun and a lot of work also.... and our family thoroughly enjoyed them... and yes, I also learned to really like the ducks.  All of the family loved to watch them and hold them.  Join me again for more pictures and stories of these sweet little ducklings and our adventures with them. I would love to read your comments also...   Thanks for visiting me here at Gentle Joy Photography. 

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Saturday, May 5, 2018

Birds.... and More Birds!

 The mockingbird sits in this tree much of the time and sings loudly and often. What a treat to have our own now that we have moved to the country as I really enjoy the songs.

 A robin ready for spring...

 The finches and sparrows love our Blue Spruce tree... and we see all kinds of birds coming and going to the shelter of its branches.

 This guys just seemed to do well as a silhouette, so I did a black and white photo.  :) 

 This is the mockingbird in the same tree as the first picture, but this one was taken in the winter and the first one in the spring.

 Beautiful eggs in a nest is a wonderful find.  :)

I am sure enjoying the spring birds and I hope you are also. After such a long hard winter, spring is a real treat this year. It seems we are all rejoicing over the nicer weather. I hope you are enjoying spring... and the birds. I'd love to hear from you. Have a great week.   :)   


Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Last of Winter.... I Hope!!!

It has been a LONG winter here. Every time we think it is over, it isn't. I'm sharing some pretty winter pictures and I HOPE I cannot take any more winter ones this year! I sure feel ready for spring.

Last year, I planted some of my garden on February 1 and the year before it was the middle of February. That was very unusual for us, but both years it worked and we enjoyed early crops. This year is different. We still had hard freezes over the weekend and a frost last night and this is the middle of April. I am thankful, though, and I have enjoyed the winter beauty that God has blessed us with and I hope you are enjoying it also.

 These seagulls on the ice caught my attention.

 This guy looked like he was cold!   :) 

 Love the snowy country road....

We moved last fall and we now live in the country... and have a small section of woods, so I loved taking pictures there. One son built a bridge over a dry creek  and it looked pretty after an ice storm.  We really didn't get any snow from that storm... all that you are seeing in this picture is either ice or sleet.

We LOVE being in the country and I will be sharing more pictures. I hope you enjoy country nature scenes also.  I'd love to hear your comments on the pictures if you wish to share any.

Winter was beautiful.... it was just long. Hopefully my next pictures will be spring pics.  :)  Have a great week! 

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Syzygy or Solar Eclipse ... and Storm

The Solar Eclipse of 2017 is now past. The solar eclipse was also a Syzygy - an alignment of 3 celestial objects like the sun, earth and either the moon or a planet. 

We first learned the word Syzygy because we have a game by that name. It has Scrabble-like tiles, but no board. The point is to use up your tiles while building your own crossword, before the others in the game do.... and to get points. We have really enjoyed that game.  

It was fun to experience the day of the eclipse and put it together with the name Syzygy.

 The day started out by clouding over with storm clouds building and lightning flashing. We wondered if we would even see the eclipse.

The kids and I went to a small lake to take pictures as the storm was quite beautiful. We were hoping it would be done by time of the eclipse, but if it wasn't, we still had some nice pictures of the storm.

Shortly before time for the eclipse, the clouds moved away to the horizon where they formed a solid border all the way around. At least the overhead sky was clearing off.

We had our special glasses to view the solar eclipse. We had 2 pairs for 4 of us to share, so we took turns.

It took a bit for me to get used to holding the glasses tightly over the extended lens of my camera while it was on the tripod. I also had trouble finding the sun while doing so as I had to tip my head WAY back and had to be careful not to catch an unexpected glimpse of the eclipse with my eyes unprotected.I was pleased to get a few pictures and some that I really liked.

The clouds started to move in again, so I could only get pictures through the clouds and I did not use  the protective glasses since nothing showed through them.  Still I was able to get the eclipse from about all sides and I was pleased.

The clouds moved in much stronger after this picture and while we had a couple more faint glimpses of the eclipse, this was the last picture that was nice enough to share.  I hadn't expected to care that much about the Eclipse, but it was a great time with some of my kids as we worked hard to get photos. It was very cloudy the rest of the day and I think we may have had some more storms. The weather was rather strange that day.

Here are some of the storm pictures from the morning. There was a LOT of lightning, but I didn't get any pictures of that. The clouds were wonderful to see though... it was windy and stormy.

What a day! We enjoyed it and I hope you did too. Did you see the Eclipse? Did you get tired of all of the "hoopla" over it? We did ... but we were also able to enjoy it.  Thank you for visiting.  I hope you have a great week.  :)  

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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Farmstead Garden Pictures....

 What beautiful gardens on the farmstead. We sure enjoyed visiting them.

 We visited the Farmstead with my parents and we all had a good time. It was a special treat.

 Dad wore his straw hat to protect from the sun... and used his cane... and wore his insulated vest so he didn't get cold! :)   You can see him in the picture below.

 So many beautiful flowers...

 This shows my Dad, 2 of my daughters and one son.... and my son is actually pushing my mom in a wheelchair. She can walk, but long walks like this are too hard on her since she injured her back a couple of years ago, so we push her in a wheelchair for such a trip.

 This woodland garden was quiet and peaceful.  

There was a nice collection of large chimes in the trees in the woods and what a beautiful sound they made!

 A fun idea for a planter... appropriate for a farmstead garden!

  I  especially LOVE the picture below! That little girl had just hugged the statue of the little girl. I didn't get a photo of that, but I did get this photo of her saying good bye to the "little girl". So sweet!   :)

 The grain bin tops out there house an eagle, bobcat and other animals and birds.

 My dad loves the farm equipment and he tells us what each item is and if he used it when he was a kid on the farm. These are precious times.

 The bridges in the woods were closed because of flood damage and some of the paths were closed.  This tree's roots have become exposed by the flood waters and hopefully, the tree won't be damaged from it.

 I loved looking at the barn through the flowers. 

What beautiful gardens they have. We have been to this place before and I posted about it in this post:

Getting More Out of a Field Trip

The flowers are different this time... and so were some other things, but it was another enjoyable trip.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of the homestead gardens.  Thank you for visiting today.  

#FarmsteadGardens #gardens  #farmstead

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