Sunday, March 23, 2014

What Is It???

What Is It?
Things are not always what they seem........sometimes that is good, sometimes it isn't.  Below are some pictures.....the first one is part of a larger picture............then I show the larger picture also, so if you want to slowly scroll down, you can see if you can guess what the partial picture is from.........

 The above pictures are of looking down inside this vase..........

The pretty medallion down
in the bottom of this drinking glass.........

These are just artificial berries - this one was probably pretty obvious....

The scary looking spider like thing
actually the center of this pretty flower....

The butterfly is beautiful.....the close up, not really.

 The detail of the inside of this flower looks odd, to say the least. The whole flower, though, is spectacular.

Many things throughout our day can look one way and yet be another. That can be true of "things" ....and also of people. Have you ever seen an angry looking woman and judged her harshly, only to find out that she is really scared that her child is dying?  What about a nice personable man.....who is actually a deceitful con man?  What about a hard looking man.....who is trying so hard to make enough money to keep a roof over the heads of his family, but he just lost his job? What about a boy who seems to be a troublemaker.....who is worried that his mom may leave and never return, his dad left years ago and he wonders what will happen to him.

We can be so quick to judge another person....just by their looks, expressions, words or little blip in their life and yet we judge the whole person by that glimpse we have of them. We need to be wise and sometimes that little glimpse is all we get of a person. Do we need to be so quick to be impatient with others? Should we ever be rude?.....even if they seem to "deserve" it?

Years ago, my sister in law died after an accident. We left the hospital after she died and drove to my in laws, but our 3 young children were hungry so we pulled in to a drive through. They asked if they could help us, but my husband and I were both so stunned, so shocked, that we couldn't think. The person in the drive through became impatient and angry. We did order and get food for the kids, but that taught me a lesson. We weren't trying to make that guy's life hard.....there wasn't even a line behind us.....but we sincerely struggled to get our minds on ordering and yet our children needed to eat, so we stopped. We were hurting dreadfully...and that man never knew how a soft or kind word would have ministered to us.

I remind myself of that when someone is slow to pull out onto the highway and they slow me down and I give them grace. When someone snaps at me, I try to answer kindly and not snap back. Actually, it is a lesson to do what the Bible says......"A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger."...... It is also treating others as we like to be treated.

Just some food for thought as we go through our day.......things are not always as they seem.

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  1. Clever way to show your point. Your close ups are fun. It's a fine line between judging people and using wisdom and discernment. Enjoyed your post!

  2. VERY cool post. I love this idea - great job!
    Thanks for sharing at

    1. Thank you... and thank you for the link up party... I love that it is a photography party. :)

  3. Very thought provoking post. Love the photos and the theme.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment. I enjoy looking at things a little differently, sometimes. :) Thank you for visiting.