Sunday, June 11, 2017

Flowers.... and Macro Photography Tips

I love the detail in this picture... it even shows the little hairs that we might not see without looking so closely.  There are patterns in so many parts of nature and it can be rewarding to notice those.

I love the lacy look of these weeds...  and of the leaves. The black background helps to bring out the detail as well.

The detail in flowers is amazing... and yet we miss so much of it. Macro photography can show details we would miss otherwise... and I really enjoy using macro.

Here are yarrow flowers... yarrow is an herb that has some pretty little flowers... This picture is more focused in the center and right side.

I saved a copy of this picture by going to file at the top and clicking on "Save a copy".  After doing that, I was able to use the same picture to create another picture.

I wanted to go in tighter to see the detail on those little flowers.

Sometimes a picture works well as a macro photo... other times as a regular. It is a good idea to experiment... and you learn so much. 

 Here are yarrow flowers that are not open all the way yet. I liked the look.

This is the same picture and all I did was to add some shadow to it... now the flowers stand out more. 

TIP-Sometimes just a little touch can make a difference.

An echinacea flower that isn't open all of the way has a special look.

Here's another echinacea flower bud with one that is open in the background.  The background flower can add interest.

I moved to the side a bit and captured the same two flowers, but from a different angle. The picture is more balanced and interesting in the second one although the first one would work also.

TIP: Experiment... have fun... see what appeals to you. You may find a style that is all your own.

 The following echinacea isn't open at all.. and yet it has a beauty also. By moving in tighter and doing a macro shot, details emerge like the hairy edges to the leaves and the wonderful pattern of the flower.

TIP Take pictures of weeds... you don't need to wait until you can find "real" flowers. Practice on weeds or herbs or leaves or whatever you find. You may be amazed to find some pictures that you really like. 

 These are just thistles... weeds.... and yet there is so much detail to capture... both in the opened heads and the buds. This is another picture that could be cropped down in several ways to highlight various details.

 This is just an onion top that is going to seed. Nothing special.. until you notice all of the many little parts and see the wonderful beauty in it. 

This picture could be enlarged or cropped to show the detail much more.

 These yellow flowers are tiny little flowers, so this is enlarged much beyond the original. One flower is in focus more than the other. This is a photo that I could copy and focus in more on the center of the largest flower although the clarity would suffer if it was enlarged much more, so this may be the best size for it. More experimenting is possible.

 These columbine are beautiful... and hard to photograph for some reason.

 A different type of Columbine... and beautiful also.

Thank you for visiting... I hope you are enjoying your photography and learning a lot. Have you tried macro photography or do you plan to try it? I would love to hear about it in the comments. Have a great week! 

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  1. Your pictures are beautiful I just have a regular camera and I usually do auto. There is a M on the dial maybe is Micro? Maybe I should check it out and experiment!

    1. Experimenting is a good idea. Not sure what the M on your camera would be, but it may be macro. If not, there is a LOT you can do with a regular camera by just learning to take tighter close up shots. If you get too close for the camera, things will blur, but you may be surprised what you come up with.. I hope you have fun with it. :)

  2. Beautiful photos! I will never look at a weed the same way again!

    1. So true. On a walk through the woods with my dad, I took lots of pictures and he asked WHAT I was finding to take so many pictures of, so I showed him some of my pictures.. he was amazed and asked WHERE I found that, so I showed the plant to him. It looked insignificant along the path, but highlighted by the close up photography, it was amazing with the beautiful detail. I think he still thinks my camera is "magic" or something. :)

  3. Joy,
    I love macros. There is just something about them that are so special. Yours are so beautiful. Thanks for sharing at Over The Moon party. See you next week,

    1. I so enjoy macros also... it's like being on a treasure hunt and finding treasures that are hidden in plain sight. :)

  4. Joy,
    Your photography is amazing.........all your florals and loved the bird pictures. captured some really great shots. Thank you for coming to visit my blog,
    nice to meet you hear in blogland.......and thanks for your kind comments,

    1. Thank you... I do enjoy photography. :) Nice to meet you also and I am so glad you visited. :)

  5. Beautiful!! I am a huge fan of macro photography. It gives us a chance to really study the detail of God's amazing handiwork. Thanks for sharing such exquisite shots, Joy!

    1. Thank you.. yes, it does allow that study of God's creative design... it is evident again and again. What a privilege to see it. Thank you for visiting. :)

  6. Absolutely stunning, each and every one!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thank you... love the encouragement! Thank you for stopping by. :)

  7. Gorgeous! I especially love the thistles! Thank you for sharing your lovely post at Tuesdays with a Twist! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

    1. Thank you.... I really liked those thistles also... I had to work to find some close enough to get pictures of... and was pleased to find an area off of the road, that had hundreds. :) Thank you for visiting... and for the party.

  8. Your macro pics are beautiful! Yes, even the weeds have such beauty. I enjoy my macro also and agree cropping can totally change a picture. It took me a while to realize the value of cropping. When I started blogging in 2009 I didn't know anything about photography. I'd like to think I've improved but know I still have much to learn.

    1. Thank you... I, too, have learned so much and I am of the opinion that we will always have more to learn. :) Blogging does give us an incentive to keep working on the photography skills. Thank you for visiting.

  9. I'm always fascinated by close ups of flowers, insects and even weeds!

    1. So am I! There is so much more there than we see when we just casually look at those things. I love the extreme detail and patterns a closer look shows. :)

  10. The macro pics are stunning! I still have so much to learn, but practicing on a daily basis does help ! Thanks for sharing at Gardens Galore!

    1. Thank you! I'm convinced that I will always have more to learn... and I will be learning until I leave this world. :) You're right... practice does help. Thank you for your wonderful party.