Sunday, November 16, 2014

Crystal On The Window....

Crystals are beautiful... and there are many different forms. Some are man made, some grow from minerals.... and some are from water or steam freezing.  The patterns can be interesting. When they appear on the window on frosty mornings, they are a treat that shows up when the shades are opened. They don't last long, though, and as soon as the shades are open the heat from the house is already working to melt them.

We enjoy these fleeting creations of God.

It was a treat to see them this year... a benefit of the cold snap.

We are especially enjoying them because, as one of the kids told me, when we get the new windows, we won't have the frost anymore. 

 Such delicate feathery designs....

I will miss them when we get new windows.... but I will be thankful to have less drafts. :)

I love it that God gives glimpses of loveliness for us to enjoy... but if we wait too long, they are gone. Just a breath on the window would destroy the crystals.

Maybe we will still have these ice crystals on the storm door even after the new windows are put in... hmm, I will have to watch for them. If they don't come, there will be other creations to enjoy..... I will keep watching for them.... and praising God for them.

Thank you for visiting today.... I will probably be offline for a few days... we will be traveling to help my parents. Dad needs to have a stent put in for a blockage in his heart. We are praying that this will help him to feel better and we will be caring for Mom while Dad is in the hospital. I would love to have your prayers. Thank you. I hope you have a wonderful day serving the Lord. :)

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  1. Beautiful pictures and thoughts! I will say a prayer for you and your family as you go to be with your dad, and I will miss your posts while you are gone!

    1. Thank you... I appreciate the prayer and the kind comment.... and the sweet comment about missing my posts. I really enjoyed that. :)

  2. We are in the season of caring for older family members. I pray that God will give you safe travels and a blessed time with your parents. I enjoyed your lovely photos.

    1. Thank you.... I hope things go well for you also. I am glad you visited. :)