Saturday, June 28, 2014

What is THAT?

 A pale green, fragile looking plant in great need of sunlight and nutrition. Why is it there? Where did it come from?

One morning, I looked out the front door and saw a little bit of green on the deck. Puzzling. I figured the guys had dropped something since a couple of them had already walked out this door and over the spot with the green. As I looked closer though, I realized there was actually something there.

It looked like it was stuck between the boards on the deck. Hmmm.

 It was pale green, not a darker and richer green like it should be. I realized it was a passionflower plant that was growing from under the deck!

I was amazed as my guys had walked right over this spot only an hour before - and they had gone both ways and hadn't even noticed it.
I looked at it from the other direction and realized that it really didn't show that much, especially since it seemed that it was just now pushed up between the crack to get to the light.

 I tugged a bit and it came up more.... even more than this.... and looked very pale green. I left it there to show the guys and later noticed it was gone again. I was disappointed, but then saw that it hadn't been pulled out, as I had suspected, but had dropped back down. It may have had some help, I'm not sure, but I could see it down there between the crack.

Apparently it had been growing under there, trying to get to the light. The deck doesn't get a lot of sunlight, but it does get some. The plant didn't look very sturdy - the effects of the lack of sunlight showed..... but still it kept growing with determination.

This is what another of my passionflower plants look like right now - this one is obviously a richer green color and is a sturdier-looking plant. The other plant sure seems to have the desire to grow though, as it moves toward the light of the sun. It makes me wonder what else might be trying to grow under that deck. Hmm.

Makes me think of my life - I want to grow in Christ and I want to honor Him. Am I reaching toward the light and am I walking in the light? Even if my "color" is pale, am I continuing on and trusting God to make me into the person He has created me to be? When I am down in the dark and things look difficult and even hopeless, do I choose to trust Him, to trust His word? Do I continue on being faithful, not making excuses for myself? Do I refrain from saying things like: "It's too dark." "I am too weak." "Life's not been fair to me." and more? Or do I remember verses like: "The Lord will give strength unto His people; the Lord will bless His people with peace." Psalm 29:11? He is making something beautiful of our lives - even amid the disappointments and heartaches. Will I trust Him? Will you trust Him? Hard questions and yet, He IS trust-worthy. May we each walk with Him and trust Him as He creates His own beauty in our lives today.

This picture of a beautiful purple passion flower is what that spindly, weak and pale plant that was poking up through the slats of the deck boards, is meant to become. Beautiful.... and so different from it's beginning. Only God knows what we are meant to become.... I am choosing to trust Him and I hope you do also.  Thank you for visiting today. I hope you are having a great day......but if you aren't, I hope you will choose to trust the One who loves you and has a perfect plan for your life.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Blossoming of a Gerbera Daisy

I have come to enjoy having Gebera Daisies. They are so vibrant and beautiful. Another name for the flower is the African Daisy. When I planted this particular plant, it had several blossoms on it, but the next morning when I looked, there was a flower cut off and on the ground next to the plant. Hmmm. The next day, there were two more and the day after there was another one. By this time, there was only one flower left, and I realized I must be dealing with cutworms, so I dug it up and potted it in a pot on the deck and have had no more trouble.

I noticed a new bud opening and since I was watching it closely because of the problem with the cutworm, I decided to take pictures of the process.

As the bud first opens, it looks a bit like a sunflower, but it doesn't really have any color and it doesn't look anything like what it will become.

 At this stage, it almost looks a bit "creepy"! :)  The petals are odd....almost like little bananas that ring the center.

  I knew what this flower would eventually look like, but wasn't sure HOW that would happen when it started out like this!

This is a side view....
 At this stage, it becomes obvious that those "odd" looking petals that were on the flower at first, were simply rolled up petals. You can see the bit of color showing on the ends  of the rolled up petals above and also down one side.

Another side view.... the petals are getting longer and starting to open.....

They don't all open at the same time, which leads to a striped and uneven look.... that looks quite strange.

 Looks like a "bad hair day" for this guy.... as the petals open at various times and lengths.... all misshapen and still very odd.

This is getting closer to being fully open... still so uneven, but the color is getting pretty consistent. Notice that some petals are still partially curled.... and the flower is not symmetrical yet.

The center is amazing!

Most of the petal are open, although some are not fully opened.... and there is much more symmetry now....
 The center is also open more....

 This seems to be the fully opened blossom.... these pictures were taken over several days.... I hadn't realized how long it took for the bud to fully bloom until I have been watching every day ..... and several times a day. :)

Once open, the flower lasts for several days........

So many subtle changes to a simple flower.... this happens every day in all sorts of flowers and plants and I find I take it for granted without allowing myself to be amazed by the wonderful unfolding that happens by a planned design. The intricacy is striking and some of the beauty is in the little details that go unnoticed. What an amazing God who has created  this process....

On this same plant, I had a double flower - it looked odd and a bit deformed as it was opening..... but it was a work of art when open......

I thought it had a bit of an "owl" look to it. :)

So, Gebera daisies are beautiful and fun.... there are so many wonderful flowers growing at this time of year.

I find myself thankful for the colorful beauties.... and also thankful that this one is in my own garden where we will enjoy it for this season.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are enjoying your week and the beauty around you. :)

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Charming or Ugly???

We have had a bit of a good-natured debate going on in our home....

The girls and I think this bit of clematis over the mailbox is charming..... my sons think it is "ugly", "messy" etc. My husband hasn't given his opinion yet, although he has liked it in the past. :)

I am not super fond of vines as they can tend to take over..... but we have trimmed this back and it just looks..... "charming"-at least to the girls of the family. :)

Just a bit of green over the top....  and toward the back.... not where it will interfere with the mailman doing his/her job.

In late summer, the vine will have flowers like these. These are actually from an arbor that was covered with them last year - it was so beautiful. The mailbox wouldn't have nearly this many.... and we will keep it trimmed. 

So, anyway.... do you have an opinion about it?

Does it look charming, pretty, etc to you?..... or does it look ugly, messy, etc to you?

It is the "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" issue and we are having fun with it. If you have an opinion on it, I would love to hear it.....

God has made us all different....even in what we like. What a creative God He is. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today.... I hope you have a GREAT day. :)

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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Fun In The Ozarks!

We took a trip to the Ozarks to see family.... It was fun and beautiful.....

So much fun in the creek which is spring fed.... and cold.....

The swings over the creek were appealing... as was dragging their feet in the water.... 

This guy was flying all over and didn't land for long... I was glad to get this picture of him......

There were some bridges over the creek.... so pretty.
Following the creek back to the source took us into the woods... where there was mainly filtered sunlight.... it was nice after the heat of the bright sun....

It was cooler and pretty in there... 

Such beauty that God has made....

The hills and sunlit meadows just seemed to invite exploring....

Old structures in the woods...

 Rushing water..... has its own kind of beauty.... and the green plants just help to emphasize it....

Exploring is fun....

 Feet in the creek was a big hit. :)
  A beautiful area of the country.... a joy to be there........... a blessing to see family......... and when time to go home came.... that was fun also... we always enjoy going home.... and taking wonderful memories with us. :) 

Thank you for visiting my blog today.... I hope you have a wonderful week!!!

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