Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Snow.....

Snow can be so beautiful.....

 We just had some snow.... actually mostly ice and sleet... but it was exciting as it was the "first snow".. and it was white.  It's pretty... but I am sharing pictures from previous snows that were even prettier... and are the kind my kids are hoping for.  :)  I haven't been outside yet to take pictures of this snow... only from inside the house as it is so cold and I have a cough.

 I did enjoy looking back through these snowy pictures. :)  I hope you enjoy them also.

 I am looking forward to getting over this cough and getting out in the current snow. :)   The cold makes me cough more, so I am inside for now... and enjoying the older pictures.  

I love how different and peaceful everything looks with a blanket of snow over it... even in the city.  :) 

 I love the snow on the pine trees and the pine cones.  

The shadows on the snow are beautiful... and they make ordinary scenes look different than the normal. 

Thank you for visiting... 

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Easy Edible Doors!

It's fun to make snacks that are a bit different from the normal.... these are doors. They aren't fancy or hard, but they are a bit unique. I saw the idea elsewhere, but these are the ones we made.  :)

These just started out with a rectangular sugar cookie.... and some frosting and decorations.

      The candy cane pieces on the doors came from another project we were making. On that project, we only needed the U-shape of the little candy cane, so we had pieces left... and they fit on the doors.

These were made very quickly. After doing the other project, we were in a hurry and tired!  You can see pictures and read about the other project here:

Hot Cocoa Cup Cookies

If you had more time, these could be made very elegant, rustic, or in other ways. I love the idea and will probably use it again and make them even cuter. They would work for other holidays or fun times.

Thank you for visiting today... I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as you remember the reason we celebrate this season.... Jesus.   :) 


Monday, December 7, 2015

Black Swans

Black swans are beautiful.....

    and  graceful.......

        creations, made by God.

They are native to Australia and other areas near there, but they have been introduced to the U.S. This pair is in a park and seems to be thriving there.

Information says they mate for life..... I love that.  

   Black swans will make a floating nest for their eggs...  I hope to return to see if I can spot one in the spring.

Their color is not as brilliant and striking, maybe, as white swans would be, but these have their own beauty.... their own appeal.

 What a treat to see this pair as they live their quiet life where I can easily observe them.

       Thank you for visiting my blog today..... I hope you are enjoying your week.... and enjoying God's beautiful creations.

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