Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Leaves... colorful, dancing and falling to earth


Fall leaves ... colorful, beautiful and on their way to being dried out and finished.

Various stages of their decline are shown, but all have a beauty all their own.

A close look at the color, leaf veins, detailed edges and graceful curls of the leaves combine to cause appreciation in those observant of nature.

A colorful carpet of leaves, still vibrant with liveliness and an appealing mix of hues and colors. 

The sun on trees highlights their warm glow.

Sun through the leaves and on those lying below combine to create a changing scene.

Leaves drying and colors fading, but the appeal remains. 

Some caught in the midst of their downward spiral and resting on the tree until the next big winds sends them dancing in the wind and drifting down. 

What a beautiful time of the year and God has put on quite a show for us. Thank you for visiting. 

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                                         Coming soon... A children's Christmas story.