Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pictures of Fall


Fall is beautiful for the intense colors, but also for those subdued tones that have a wonderful appeal. 

I love the lighting in fall, especially during the golden hour when the sunrise or sunset highlights colors and shadows.

The birds are so active as they prepare for winter.

One of the last harvests from our garden.

Even the weeds hold an appeal with the wonderful lighting.

Harvest goes on all around when in farming country. 

I love the beauty of fall. Thank you for visiting and enjoying these pictures with me.

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fall's Brief Intense Glory


The leaves, like bits of colorful confetti

Suddenly appear on various trees, quickly turning

To reds, yellows and oranges among the green

Brightening gently like a fire flaming to life

The color spreads and intensifies

Till it seems to take over the whole tree

Each individual leaf a small spot of color

That joins the others to create quite a show

The rich blue sky and bright autumn sun

Enrich those leaves with extra contrast

Till a riot of beautiful colors appears all around

Reflected as a glow on water, windows and walls


This season of fall, just before winter

A time of seeming death as leaves die

Yet, only preparing the tree for the rest needed

To grow new leaves in the spring and start again

How like God to allow us to view the brilliant display

As the leaves depart in a blaze of fine glory

Leaving lingering beauty in our minds

For the more subdued days of winter to come

So, let us enjoy this developing show and watch

For bits of soft color developing into more

As the intense brilliance bursts here and there

A short glory made memorable by its brevity

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