Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Renewed In the Early Morning

                                Renewed In the Early Morning

Early morning is a precious time of peace and quiet
The sun just rising to dispel the fog and chase the shadows
As the morning glories open their brilliance in the dawn
And the birds sing their songs to begin their day

The world is waking up at such a time, yet is quiet still
Like lingering in bed for just a few more minutes
Waking up but remaining hushed in the early morn
A perfect time for reflecting and for praising God

How I enjoy that brief time before the day’s busyness starts
A time to focus on the One who made me and all the earth
A time to thank Him and set my thoughts before the rush
Becomes a time for the peace of the morning to seep into my soul

As I stand on the deck and look at the garden and trees
The distant horizon in view through a bit of fog
And the sun beginning to stream through the trees
It’s rays dispersed in a magical way

The garden with drops of dew on the green plants
That will later feel the heat of the sun
Currently soaks up the moisture and continues to grow
In this time of early morning refreshment

I too feel renewed in those early morning minutes
Soon the sun will gain its full strength for the day
Those early moments of the morning only a fleeting memory
But a memory that will stay with me through the day

My time with God in that quiet place is precious and vital
Reflecting on His Word and praising Him
Fixing my heart on Him as I prepare to walk in the day
Glorifying Him in the day after my dose of early morning with Him

 I hope you have a place to meet with God in the morning or sometime in the day. I couldn't get through the days if I didn't spend time with Him often. I hope you also find strength in your time with Him.
   Thank you for visiting and I would love to hear from you.

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