Thursday, August 20, 2020

Red Wing Blackbird and Echinacea Flowers...

A red-winged blackbird was at the park and I was finally able to get some photos of one of these colorful winged birds.

He seemed rather comfortable on the dock area, like he was accustomed to visiting each day.

He kept moving, staying busy, yet was only about 3 feet from me.

What a treat to see one of these birds up close, that I usually only see briefly as they flit through a roadside ditch or field.

Echinacea flowers are colorful, beautiful and perennial. I had many of them at the old house, but since we moved, I have lost many of my wonderful plants and echinacea is one of the lost ones. I have started some from seed that are still not blooming and I'm hoping that maybe next year, I will have them.

Another plant I lost and hope to add to my country garden, is the passionflower. We had the purple one, called Maypop, I think. It doesn't smell too pleasant, but it is beautiful and exotic-looking. We would really like to have them here for our bees as we have a hive, but have had trouble finding a plant. I have planted seeds twice now, but they have not done well, so we will try again next year. I think fondly of the volunteer plants that are still growing at our old house. When I finally get passionflower going again, I will sure appreciate it. 

Moving to a new place can add new plants and I do enjoy that, but it can mean missing some old favorites. If you move, it is a good idea to take some starter plants with you. We did that, but lost them in the bitter cold of our first winter here. Still, the herb garden is increasing little by little and our small farm keeps growing. 

It was nice to see them at the park as I do enjoy their beauty.

Echinacea is a good plant for the herb garden, lending color and usefulness.

Soft beauty.

Another thing I love about these beautiful flowers is that when the petals fall and the seed pods stay,  a beautiful shape is present in  the winter garden, though I would rather not think about that yet. :)  

So much beauty in the natural world that God created and I sure enjoy it.

Thank you for visiting.

~Gentle Joy