Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The Last of Winter.... I Hope!!!

It has been a LONG winter here. Every time we think it is over, it isn't. I'm sharing some pretty winter pictures and I HOPE I cannot take any more winter ones this year! I sure feel ready for spring.

Last year, I planted some of my garden on February 1 and the year before it was the middle of February. That was very unusual for us, but both years it worked and we enjoyed early crops. This year is different. We still had hard freezes over the weekend and a frost last night and this is the middle of April. I am thankful, though, and I have enjoyed the winter beauty that God has blessed us with and I hope you are enjoying it also.

 These seagulls on the ice caught my attention.

 This guy looked like he was cold!   :) 

 Love the snowy country road....

We moved last fall and we now live in the country... and have a small section of woods, so I loved taking pictures there. One son built a bridge over a dry creek  and it looked pretty after an ice storm.  We really didn't get any snow from that storm... all that you are seeing in this picture is either ice or sleet.

We LOVE being in the country and I will be sharing more pictures. I hope you enjoy country nature scenes also.  I'd love to hear your comments on the pictures if you wish to share any.

Winter was beautiful.... it was just long. Hopefully my next pictures will be spring pics.  :)  Have a great week!