Sunday, July 19, 2015

Busy Bird Bath House

This was a busy bird bath house time....  

The weather was hot, the bird bath was full and the birds were using it. It was funny to watch them.....

 This cardinal walked all around... more than once..... looking here and there.

  He didn't just take a bath... he had to check to be sure that the coast was clear... that there were no predators around.

 Around and around he went... unaware that I was watching and taking pictures....

At last... a bath..... ohhh, the water feels good.... 

 It feels so good.....

 Oh, that is nice.... 

Oh, oh... time to get out...  another bird is in line...  it's his turn.... 

Poor bird... there was no time to straighten all of those feathers and they were all messed up. He perched on the side of the birdbath for only a moment, then he flew away and left the robin to his bath time.  I assume he did his grooming elsewhere.

 The funny thing was that the robin did the same thing the cardinal had done.... walked around and looked this way and that...

 One difference between the two birds was that the robin's bath was much shorter.... and not so wild.  He got all wet...

and then he got out. He groomed himself this way and that...

It was interesting to see all of the various contortions he went through to do his grooming.

 He was quite thorough....

Finally, he was done... and flew away, leaving the bird bath house empty and ready for the next bird. I didn't see what came next though.... but I'm glad I saw these two. It was an interesting glimpse into their habits. What an amazing God we have who created these birds. 

Thank you for visiting my blog today...     :)

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Monday, July 13, 2015

Quick Healing With Plantain

 I have really appreciated the herb plantain... what a big help the plant is... and it is so plentiful.  It can usually be found quite easily.  It can grow in the garden, yard, walkways, etc. 

It is wonderful to have this great herb so handy... it works for stings, bites, cuts and more. The seeds can be helpful for constipation... they can be made into a tea or I just eat some sometimes.

 Here the plantain is growing along the side of our flagstone path. I leave a few... sometimes a lot when I am behind in weeding, like now.  :)  

A few years ago, we were traveling and I forgot to take the first aid kit or the essential oils. Not a good idea. While walking at a state park, I fell on my knee on the gravel (but I saved my camera from damage as I was carrying it in my hand at the time!) 

I had lots of 1/2" - 3/4" cuts all over my knee....and it bled.  Hmmm.... no first aid kit....  After going back to my parents' house, we found triple antibiotic ointment and bandaids, which was helpful, but I wanted my natural stuff.  I sent my husband out to the yard to look for plantain. He found a pathetic specimen, because everything was so dry, but it was better than nothing.  After picking gravel out of my knee and cleaning it well, we put triple antibiotic ointment on it and then put those pathetic  plantain leaves (cleaned with water first to get the dust off) on the injuries after we bruised the leaves. We covered it with gauze and tape and put ice on it and put my leg up. This was quite a painful injury. Later, the kids were able to find better plantain out in the woods, and so we used that when we changed the dressing. We did this twice a day. That injury healed much faster than I expected it would.. and with very little scarring. That was exciting to me to have my natural remedies there when I had forgotten my natural remedies. :)  I have used antibiotic ointment before and it helped, but the injuries NEVER healed as quickly as this one did. What a great find.

Here the plantain is growing near a stepping stone in my garden. 

If there is a sting or bite, plantain can be crushed or chewed and put on the area.... even out in the wild. I love knowing things like this... we don't always have a first aid bag with us. :) 

A few weeks ago, I was doing a lot of garden work... lots of digging and trowel work.... all throughout the day.  It felt good to get a lot done.  I had a phone call in the evening and did more while I was on the phone... using the trowel, digging... getting much done. All of a sudden, I had a strong pain on the palm of my hand and when I looked down, I was surprised to see a big blister than had broken.  I took pictures, but I am not posting those as I know that would be hard for some people to look at.  I didn't even realize I was getting a blister until it broke and hurt... a LOT!  


I took a shower and cleaned it out the best I could... it was rather dirty from all of the garden work. Then I put a couple of drops of iodine on it, then triple antibiotic cream ... and pieces of broken/bruised plantain... and covered with a couple of bandaids. It throbbed. The next morning,  I put a clean dressing on it with the same ingredients. I was careful with it, but the pain lessened through the day and by the next day, I had no pain unless I hit it directly. I left the bandaids on for about 2 days, then left it open and was still careful. The blister had removed several layers of skin and it had been very red and angry looking, but the color started to soften... and the healing was rather quick, although it still took a few weeks for all of the skin to grow back over the area.

 One of my sons is over 6 feet tall and he has large hands... look at the size of this plantain plant! It was growing out by the blackberry plants and apparently it loved where it was growing. :)

Plantain is also great for poison ivy and other skin issues.... so many uses.  I have used it on a son's brown recluse spider bite.... and on other issues.

 My kids know that I really like plantain and consider it a very valuable herb. Recently, they came in and said to come and look at the big plantain growing in the yard.

Hmmm... that thing looked huge in the grass.... my son laughed and said he had dug it up from the garden and planted it in the yard to show me. :) We all laughed about it.

This is the close up of that big plantain out in the yard.  

Plantain is a great plant to be aware of... and I haven't even touched on many of its great qualities. This post is just to highlight how it has really helped to heal injuries quite quickly... and easily. 

Thank you for visiting today... I hope you learn more about plantain and how to use this great herb. It is nice to know something about it in case of emergencies.  Do you like to use plantain also? How do you use it? 

Note: This plantain is not the same as the plantain that is like the banana...

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Checking the Flowers and Berries

I like to walk through the garden to see how it has changed since I was last out there. Usually, I go out about every day, but last week, we had a big garage sale and I didn't make it out to the garden for many days.

What a treat to walk through and see various flowers and berries out. There were also squash growing... and we picked cucumbers. Fun. :)

 I was glad to see the Echinacea blooming... what a wonderful plant this is!  I like the way it looks all year long... now, as it is in flower, it is beautiful. Even after the flower dies and the petals fall off, and it becomes quite sharp as the seeds harden, it is still pretty... and I love the look of it against the snow in winter.

All that beauty... and then there are so many health benefits from it also. Such a good plant to have in the garden.

These flowers can look like weeds, but they are also pretty...  

Zinnias are a favorite... as their bright colors open and then they last for a long time in the garden. They are such cheery flowers.

These flowers have been a real treat... these are in a hanging pot, but I planted some pink ones last year in a new bed, and I was so surprised when they came back this year. I didn't realize these could last more than one year.

We really like blueberries...  so do the birds, so we have them all netted over and that is helping, although sometimes the birds still manage to get under the netting. 

The garden phlox are one of those "quiet" garden flowers... they just quietly appear and stay for a long time in the summer. We have these pretty purple ones.. and also whites. They smell quite strong, adding their floral scent to the garden.

So many pretty yellow flowers.. I had to trellis these as they wanted to fall down.

All in all, it was a fun and encouraging walk in the garden.. and I love the colors here and there. 

The flowers are growing so nicely, but so are the weeds... no, I didn't show those pictures to you, but the weeds are certainly there and my neglected garden REALLY needs some attention! 

Thank you for joining me on a walk through the garden to see the flowers and berries that God has blessed us with this year...  actually, there are many more flowers, but this post would be WAY too long if I showed them all. :)  I hope you are enjoying your gardens... or the gardens around you. I also hope you have a wonderful week. 

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