Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Leaves... colorful, dancing and falling to earth


Fall leaves ... colorful, beautiful and on their way to being dried out and finished.

Various stages of their decline are shown, but all have a beauty all their own.

A close look at the color, leaf veins, detailed edges and graceful curls of the leaves combine to cause appreciation in those observant of nature.

A colorful carpet of leaves, still vibrant with liveliness and an appealing mix of hues and colors. 

The sun on trees highlights their warm glow.

Sun through the leaves and on those lying below combine to create a changing scene.

Leaves drying and colors fading, but the appeal remains. 

Some caught in the midst of their downward spiral and resting on the tree until the next big winds sends them dancing in the wind and drifting down. 

What a beautiful time of the year and God has put on quite a show for us. Thank you for visiting. 

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Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Pictures of Fall


Fall is beautiful for the intense colors, but also for those subdued tones that have a wonderful appeal. 

I love the lighting in fall, especially during the golden hour when the sunrise or sunset highlights colors and shadows.

The birds are so active as they prepare for winter.

One of the last harvests from our garden.

Even the weeds hold an appeal with the wonderful lighting.

Harvest goes on all around when in farming country. 

I love the beauty of fall. Thank you for visiting and enjoying these pictures with me.

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Saturday, October 3, 2020

Fall's Brief Intense Glory


The leaves, like bits of colorful confetti

Suddenly appear on various trees, quickly turning

To reds, yellows and oranges among the green

Brightening gently like a fire flaming to life

The color spreads and intensifies

Till it seems to take over the whole tree

Each individual leaf a small spot of color

That joins the others to create quite a show

The rich blue sky and bright autumn sun

Enrich those leaves with extra contrast

Till a riot of beautiful colors appears all around

Reflected as a glow on water, windows and walls


This season of fall, just before winter

A time of seeming death as leaves die

Yet, only preparing the tree for the rest needed

To grow new leaves in the spring and start again

How like God to allow us to view the brilliant display

As the leaves depart in a blaze of fine glory

Leaving lingering beauty in our minds

For the more subdued days of winter to come

So, let us enjoy this developing show and watch

For bits of soft color developing into more

As the intense brilliance bursts here and there

A short glory made memorable by its brevity

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Thursday, August 20, 2020

Red Wing Blackbird and Echinacea Flowers...

A red-winged blackbird was at the park and I was finally able to get some photos of one of these colorful winged birds.

He seemed rather comfortable on the dock area, like he was accustomed to visiting each day.

He kept moving, staying busy, yet was only about 3 feet from me.

What a treat to see one of these birds up close, that I usually only see briefly as they flit through a roadside ditch or field.

Echinacea flowers are colorful, beautiful and perennial. I had many of them at the old house, but since we moved, I have lost many of my wonderful plants and echinacea is one of the lost ones. I have started some from seed that are still not blooming and I'm hoping that maybe next year, I will have them.

Another plant I lost and hope to add to my country garden, is the passionflower. We had the purple one, called Maypop, I think. It doesn't smell too pleasant, but it is beautiful and exotic-looking. We would really like to have them here for our bees as we have a hive, but have had trouble finding a plant. I have planted seeds twice now, but they have not done well, so we will try again next year. I think fondly of the volunteer plants that are still growing at our old house. When I finally get passionflower going again, I will sure appreciate it. 

Moving to a new place can add new plants and I do enjoy that, but it can mean missing some old favorites. If you move, it is a good idea to take some starter plants with you. We did that, but lost them in the bitter cold of our first winter here. Still, the herb garden is increasing little by little and our small farm keeps growing. 

It was nice to see them at the park as I do enjoy their beauty.

Echinacea is a good plant for the herb garden, lending color and usefulness.

Soft beauty.

Another thing I love about these beautiful flowers is that when the petals fall and the seed pods stay,  a beautiful shape is present in  the winter garden, though I would rather not think about that yet. :)  

So much beauty in the natural world that God created and I sure enjoy it.

Thank you for visiting.

~Gentle Joy

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Ducklings and Their Mama

Ducklings are fun to watch. They are inquisitive... and sometimes are very fast. Ducklings are a lot of work, but they are also so very cute!

Ducklings are soft, fuzzy and so cute! 

Mama Duck tends to be a bit grumpy as she watches over her young, but she is a good mom.

Mama Duck took a quick bath while watching her little ones as they waited beside the pool. 

  The one little guy stayed alert so often, and had already learned to watch for danger.

The ducklings stayed close to mama when they were little.

Frost and her babies. 

Ducks in a row!

It's fun to see the babies stay so close to their mama, no matter where she goes.

Frost even looks like she is smiling a little.  

The ducklings grow and change so quickly.

The ducklings finally enjoy a swim, but stay close to mom.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are enjoying the fun little birds and animals God has made. 

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