Tuesday, December 29, 2015

A Little Snow.....

Snow can be so beautiful.....

 We just had some snow.... actually mostly ice and sleet... but it was exciting as it was the "first snow".. and it was white.  It's pretty... but I am sharing pictures from previous snows that were even prettier... and are the kind my kids are hoping for.  :)  I haven't been outside yet to take pictures of this snow... only from inside the house as it is so cold and I have a cough.

 I did enjoy looking back through these snowy pictures. :)  I hope you enjoy them also.

 I am looking forward to getting over this cough and getting out in the current snow. :)   The cold makes me cough more, so I am inside for now... and enjoying the older pictures.  

I love how different and peaceful everything looks with a blanket of snow over it... even in the city.  :) 

 I love the snow on the pine trees and the pine cones.  

The shadows on the snow are beautiful... and they make ordinary scenes look different than the normal. 

Thank you for visiting... 


  1. Wow! These winter shots are so beautiful! I am such a fan of your photography. Please remember my blog hop (http://www.myflagstaffhome.com). I so love your work and you are so creative in how you present it. Here's wishing you all the best in 2016!


  2. I love the photos with the falling snow! Beautiful!

  3. Such beautiful pictures, dear friend. Oh, I am SO sorry you are still feeling sick. I have been praying for you and will continue to do so. I trust the Lord will bless you with a healthy, happy new year filled to the brim with His blessings! Sending you much love and a big hug, with wishes for a speedy healing!

  4. Thank you you. Greetings and a hug from me out of a snow-free Holland ( at this moment). Love your photos