Friday, January 1, 2016

Top 10 Gentle Joy Photography 2015

These are the top 10 posts published in 2015
here on Gentle Joy Photography 

There are links to each post if you would like to visit them....just click the link and you will get to the post.

   Number 10

The Beauty of Being Known

     Number 9

Feeling Sympathy For Farmer McGregor 

 Number 8

 Pigtails and French Braids

    Number 7

Saving Money-Part 3-Buying Used 

    Number 6

Polycarp Movie Review-Trailer Included 

   Number 5

Allergy Tea-Homemade Herb Tea 

Number 4

Two More French Braid Hairstyles 


    Number 3

Saving Money-Part 2-Grocery Shopping 

  Number 2

Hidden In The Woods 

   Number 1 for   2015

The Number ONE Way I Save Money! 

 What a year it has been... filled with good times and challenging ones also. Thank you for joining me through the year... and I hope we find that 2016 will be even better. 

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  1. These are wonderful photos !!
    I wish you a wonderful New Year !!

  2. I think I have read most of these, but I don't remember a few of them, so will click over to them right now. :) So thankful for you, dear friend!

    1. Good to hear from you on here... I am thankful for you as well.. you are an encourager. :)

  3. I enjoyed the most, the pink rose post. The flower itself seemed gentle, with a breeze of innocence. The post, was touching and meaningful.

  4. Feeling Sympathy for Farmer McGregor was, by far, my favorite. Your are one of my VERY favorite bloggers! Your work is beautiful and you present it in such a lovely way!

    Jennifer (from My Flagstaff Home)

    1. What a precious comment! Thank you so much for your encouragement. :)