Monday, March 31, 2014

Colorful Crocus

Every winter as the cold and dark days linger, I start to yearn for green growing things......

  In late winter, when we tire of the snow, cold, and blah colors of winter.....I start to look forward to seeing green growing things again.  
 I know that soon the crocus greenery will start to pop up and then a few days/weeks later, the flowers will also pop up.

We start to watch for these wonderful signs of kids and I start looking and looking for just a glimpse of the green coming up out of the ground......and we wait.

Even the neighbor kids get in on the action......looking daily to see if they are coming up yet....especially when we have a warmer day in between the freezes.  I am kept informed......then one day....the excitement builds and finally, they start to come a few places. 
The fun of watching the greenery fades after nothing happens when the cold weather comes back and stays. No, spring isn't here yet.....

Eventually, the warm days start again....and finally we have swollen flower buds and the excitement rises again. Then they bloom....not all at once and a daily check and a daily count  happens. The fun thing is that many of the neighbor kids don't garden or know anything about flowers, so this is really fun for them.

I hope that as these neighbor kids get older, they will have fond memories of gardens and growing things from spending time with my children and me in our gardens.

It is so easy to talk of God at such times "Look at these beautiful flowers God made!" It is natural, easy flowing ..... and we are planting seeds that can grow. 

In some places there are dozens of crocus all in a clump....the sun shines on these beautiful jewel-like flowers and they glow with a brilliance and a bright spot of color in early spring....or even in late winter. 

This is a lone white crocus in the midst of little daffodils.....
 This year, a late snow covered the crocus....but soon the snow started melting and the color was still pretty against the white snow....but I don't have any pictures of that....maybe next year.

The crocus is a pretty flower, but it only flowers in early spring...then it is gone for the whole year. What an encouragement, though, to see that bit of life waking up after winter.

I have tried to pick a few crocus and take them in the house to put into a doesn't work....they wilt quite we enjoy them outside only.

I used to have a couple of yellow crocus.....a rich golden yellow....but they didn't come up for the last 2 years.....we have had a couple of drought years though, and I wonder if they may be hiding out down there in the ground, waiting to appear again some year.  I hope so.

I am so glad that I can enjoy such simple flowers with my family and neighbor kids. It's not that big of a deal, but it can sure brighten our yard....and our days.

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  1. Beautiful flowers! We have some like those in our yard ;) <3

  2. Stunning photos of a small unassuming flower that heralds spring. Linda @ bushel and a pickle

    1. Thank you.....I love seeing these in early spring. :)

  3. Subscribing/following from the Modest Monday and Inspire Me Monday blog link-ups!

    Amazing pictures! Our yard is still quite brown and dreary, although grass has started showing and there is one bush with yellow flowers that is a welcome sign of spring!

    1. Ours just started about 2 weeks ago and now we are seeing more and more spring flowers, spring flowering trees and bushes.....I love it. :)