Thursday, July 3, 2014

Fireworks- What Do They Mean?

Fireworks can be so spectacular - bright and colorful..... and loud!  :) The excitement and suspense of what will be shown builds..... as we wait for the sky to darken enough......

Parties happen to watch the displays......  at this time of year, the reason is to celebrate the founding of this great nation and the liberties we still enjoy. Flags may be shown.

 There is quite a bit of smoke, especially by the end of a large display......  At this particular display, we heard the beautiful sounds of the symphony as they played...... The patriotic songs brought a sense of thankfulness for the USA... and the sense of unity that on that day, we were together with thousands of people proclaiming our commitment to this country...... and enjoying a sense of belonging, of being a part of  a larger part.... a country that others have tried to destroy, but it continues on.........

 Different colors and designs - some simple and some more complicated..... but all seem to draw our attention....

The "ooooohsss" and "aaahhhhs"  come with regularity as each new brilliant show of light appears.....

When there are multiples at the same time, we love to watch....

Even simple designs become beautiful against the dark sky.

The short wait between the explosions seems long as we anticipate the next colorful display.....

We all know fireworks are dangerous......and that every year there are those who will lose their lives... or their hands.... or eyesight.... or maybe their home..... from fireworks...

Yet, we can appreciate the safety of a professional display and the magnificence of it.

Do we still sense feel a sense of pride in our country as we observe these grand bursts of beauty? Our country is damaged greatly and many who benefit from living here.... hate and scorn the principles that our country was founded on.... and many look on patriotism with suspicion. Believing in the Bible is ridiculed.

Flag burnings are talked of and flags are banned in places.... and the Pledge of Allegiance is avoided.

Much of what has made our nation great has become tarnished or outlawed. Even our top leaders in the land ignore the law and take away the freedoms that have been taken for granted.... and are now disappearing...

Textbooks, especially in the Common Core Curriculum, are rewriting an untrue version of "history". Apathy demands that we stay busy with other things and not "worry about it".

Are those big bursts of loud color just hollow then? Just noise... a reason to party? For some, yes.

On this 4th of July, though, I want to remember WHY we celebrate... and what this country means.... or what it was MEANT to be...not what unscrupulous leaders have done to it. No, the USA is not my God and never will be... and the changes that are happening in this land will not change my destination after I die.  However, we who live in the USA have a heritage- not a perfect one, but a good one all the same. Yes, our country has strayed from its beginnings.... and we have forgotten to appreciate the God who allowed this nation to form and become great. 

This year, I DO thank God for the USA. This land is troubled, to be sure, but we can still honor God here.... there is still a respect for God in many people.... there is much to thank God for as we celebrate another birthday of our country. May we be moved to thank God and pray for our country.... .... may the fireworks we see and hear be more than noise and bright lights.
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  1. We loved our fireworks, but while we were waiting for it to get dark, we read/recited some of our favorite patriotic stories/poems.

    1. That is a great idea - so nice for our children (and all of us) to realize that there is a meaning to the day.... not just the pretty entertainment time. :)

  2. Spectacular firework pictures. Thanks for sharing this lovely post.
    God bless.

    1. Thank you..... and thank you for visiting. :)