Friday, August 29, 2014

Enjoying The Simple Morning Glory

I enjoy Morning Glory flowers... they look rather unassuming...and blend in with the garden, their vines and tendrils moving, clinging, growing..... they climb other plants or a trellis... a pole or anything they can find.

 There are lots of leaves and when the flowers start to bloom, they do not dominate the plant....  yet up close, they are showy with the star shape in the flower.... the delicate coloring....
 There aren't too many blue flowers, so having a spot of blue in the garden is a real treat.

Nestled in among the leaves, the flowers are beautiful... and full of color....  but they don't last long... in fact, if you don't get up early enough, you may not even see them at their finest. As the sun hits them, they can start to fold in on themselves.... by afternoon, they just don't look like much of anything at all.

 From back a ways, the flowers don't even show very much, so they could go unnoticed, although the living fence look is still nice.

This morning, early, before my family was up,  I walked through the garden - taking pictures, talking with God, singing songs, preparing my heart for the day.... and I sure enjoyed the morning glories...I watched a bee that had to struggle to get inside of a partially opened flower... but he did it....
 I have these morning glories on a trellis.... it was actually an accident... or rather a gift from God.  I didn't plant these... they just came up in different places, so when these came up and I wasn't actively growing anything on this trellis this year, I let them grow... and they pretty much took over. Last year I had my third crop of cucumbers on this trellis... this year it was bare. 

How nice to have these come to cover the trellis and add some extra beauty.... a bit of shade and extra interest to the garden.

I have some in other places in the garden - and we have to weed them out of other places... they can strangle the tomatoes or other plants or just take too much sunlight and nutrients... but they do have a place in my garden. :) 

Thank you for visiting my blog today. I hope you have a great day.

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  1. Beautiful photos! :-)
    ~Katie @

  2. very pretty!

    I don't know if I would like them taking over.

    But, they are very pretty.

    1. I am pretty careful of where I let them grow as I agree with you... I don't want them to take over either. Thank you for visiting. :)

  3. How beautiful are your morning glories. They remind me of people who like to get up early and get their work done and then when it is finished they are worn out. Thanks for sharing with us here at "Tell me a True Story."

    1. I hadn't thought of them like that, but you are right - that description does fit! :)

  4. lovely photo's, love morning glory

    1. Thank you... they are pretty vines to have in the garden. ;)

  5. I hope to grow morning glories next year. I want them to wrap around the corn post on my porch and weave its way through the decorative spindles along the top. I am still going through the catalogs to pick the perfect one!

    1. Oh, how fun... there are so many beautiful ones... I only have this one kind, but I enjoy it. There is a vibrant blue/pink/purple one I would love to get sometime... I have seen it and it is so beautiful. :) Your porch idea sounds wonderful. :)

  6. These photos are gorgeous. I love those flowers. Thanks so much for linking up to Southern Special.

    1. Thank you... and thank you for the great link up. :)

  7. We had those around and about us in Uganda. I never forget.

    1. I didn't realize they grew there... that is interesting.... Thank you for visiting. :)