Sunday, December 14, 2014

Birds... and A Busy Life

As you may have noticed, I have been absent for a while... it wasn't a planned absence, but it happened anyway.  The emergency with my dad's health/life has taken precedence over almost everything else in the last month.
See When An Emergency Strikes for more information on this.

After being in 2 hospitals and having a very large surgery, he is now in a rehabilitation facility where he is slowly, but steadily recovering. Thankfully, he is close to our home and we visit him every day and usually several times a day. :)

The birds in this place are enjoyable to watch... especially since we have gotten very tired of hospital waiting rooms. :)  It is nice to have something "new" to look at.

Many rehab facilities and rest homes have such bird houses... they are restful, peaceful...and interesting for the patients to observe.

 One nice thing about these bird houses in the rehab is that is gives the patients a "destination" ... my dad walked down there last night, using his walker.

 The doves have young ones and in another bird cage like this one, there is a pair that has been sitting on a nest. The eggs finally hatched and just last night my younger daughter caught a glimpse of the head and beak of the baby. This one is an older young one....  I don't have any pictures yet of the newest babies... the parents keep them covered up very well.

Most of the birds are from other parts of the world... 

My kids check on the birds every trip... we do have to walk right by the cage to get to Dad's room, but they linger to see how the birds are doing. Two days ago, one little bird didn't act "right" and they were concerned, so they continue to check on them.. and notice things about them.  :) 
 There is quite a bit of chirping and flying around  - it is a little world all its own in that big bird house.

We are not sure how long Dad will be in this rehab place, but it will probably be several weeks yet, so we should see the baby birds as they grow.

Thank you for visiting today... it is nice to be "back", although I am not sure how regular my posts will be for a while. :)  Our lives are pretty full with visits, therapy appointments for Mom, making meals, doing regular stuff, etc, etc.  Though I am feeling tired and stressed, I can see God's grace and strength upholding me .. and us. For those of you who have prayed or will be praying for us....thank you very much.

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  1. Enjoyed your pictures of the birds, and the joy of being able to watch the cycle of life with a new little life taking place before your children's eyes!

    1. Thank you - it is a fun thing and we sure appreciate having a fun thing like that to look forward to as we go through such long days. :) I appreciate your visit and comment. Thank you. :)

  2. So glad you have hope ahead of you at this family time. Thanks for sharing this lovely rehabilitation programme with us. Best wishes to both your parents, and you and your family at this difficult time. May you all enjoy the Festive Season and above all I send good wishes for 2015. May it be a more Healthy one and as prosperous as the conditions allow.

    1. What a nice comment! Thank you for visiting and commenting.... and encouraging me. :)