Saturday, January 17, 2015

Bobsled Run... Off the Deck?

We live in an area that gets snow... 
the amount varies from year to year, but we usually get some. Last year, we had a LOT of it.... and it was a lot of work....and also fun at times. :)  

Since we don't go sledding at the park as often as the kids would like to, our kids figured out a way to sled down the stairs on the deck when the deck had about 20+ inches of snow on it... and it didn't hurt the deck at all. Later we told them they couldn't do that, since it could wear the edge of the steps down, so they removed some of the snow and laid a plywood board over the steps, then packed the snow back on it. This project took a lot of work and they kept adding "improvements".  :) 

What fun it was .... the saucers were about the only sleds we had... so saucers were used, and they were the best sled for this type of run... although they can also spin a person, which I don't particularly enjoy! :)

 Up and down....again and again... they sure had lots of exercise on this.  We had this ramp for probably over a month, which means we didn't use those stairs for stairs much during that time.

Here you can see the board just barely visible as it lays on the steps.

When the snow melted some, then we had more snow to cover it again... or they would pack it around the steps.

There is a ramp/bump about halfway down, which made it more exciting...  

I went down a couple of times on the first few days when there was a lot of snow... it was fun... but not all that fast, so they kept using it to pack the snow down and make it faster.

They wanted to go faster and farther.... so they misted it one night with some water.  Yes, that helped.

Yes, it was faster!  Oh no, is she okay?
 She is fine... though she did play it up. :) 

 Eventually they added sides and then raised the sides so that we had a sort of bobsled run... and they turned it at the end so that the run lasted longer. 

My husband went down once... after it was a bit more slippery... he wiped out halfway down and hurt himself, so that was the only ride for him.
I  went down again after we had had a couple of warmer days and the sled run had really iced over... but I didn't know it.... I had been down a few weeks before and it was fun... this time, though, I FLEW down the ramp, hit the jump, went airborne twice (which means I also came down hard twice!!!!).  I stayed on the sled all the way.... but that was my last time on it .... I told them that as I hobbled to the house. :)

It was handy and fun to have it so close... they loved going out and going down a few times and then came back in without getting too cold.  They did ask if they could improve the ramp by taking it off of the roof instead of the deck.     

 We said NO!!!!!   :)
We finally had to dismantle it because we just went too fast after it was all ice... and there were way too many wipe outs... and we didn't want any serious injuries.  We also didn't want to have a pile of snow/ice clear into the summer.

This year we have had very little snow and recently we were talking about that snow slide.  Will we do it again? I'm not sure... we coated the deck this year and don't want it damaged and there isn't much snow, but who knows? Maybe we would do it again. I'd be willing to ride it again now. :)  I love that we can have fun with our kids and build good memories. 

Thank you for visiting today.  I hope you are building many wonderful memories with your family also... and I hope you have a great week.  :) 

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  1. Replies
    1. It was.... the kids had tried this a year or 2 earlier, but we stopped it because of damage to the deck stairs..... so they were creative in fixing that problem! :) Thank you for visiting.

  2. This is just great, what fun it must have been for all of you, though I do understand the pain involved. Kids don't seem to feel pain like we do. Thanks for sharing this great post at Good Morning Mondays. Blessings to you and yours.

    1. It was fun... and plenty exciting for everybody!! :) I'm so glad you visited and commented. :)

  3. Oh my. That is AWESOME. Fun for all ages that is for sure. :)

    1. It was! I was actually quite surprised that my husband allowed them to do this... and it was such a treat. Thank you for stopping by.... so nice to have you. :)

  4. How fun! I love snow even that here in Lisbon -Portugal we haven't any. Lovely photos! I found you on Rose Inspiration from lovely blog of Stephanie.
    Have a great week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

    1. So nice to hear from you again, Ana.... Thank you for visiting... I can't imagine having NO snow, although this year, we have very little snow compared to last year. :)

  5. Oh! Oh! Oh! I would be right in the middle of this with your children! I'm just about to turn 56 and I LOVE to go sledding with my grandsons, and you can spin me all you desire too.:)
    What a great time for your family, and yes, it is memory making fun.

    I found you through my dear daughter's link up party, Roses of Inspiration. So nice to meet you!

    Have a beautiful day,

    1. It is nice to meet you also... and I was so glad to find Roses of inspiration... Thank you for visting. We do tend to do lots of fun things together as a family. :)

  6. That looks like one of the best slides I've seen in a long time. And not a long walk to start all over again.

    1. That was the nice part... the short walk... although the guys wanted it to be longer (we have a small yard)... that's why they wanted it to be faster. :) It was fun. Thank you for visiting.

  7. This is fabulous! My husband, son and I would sled off our front porch stairs in our old home and often we would fly out to the middle of the yard - such fun! I never thought about making it like a bobsled track :)

    What great fun and sweet memories :) Hugs to you!

    1. I'm glad to hear that someone else has done something like this! :) It was fun... and the bobsled sides were especially fun... they angled it and sloped it. Good for their thinking also, I guess. :) Thank you for visiting.

  8. Oh my goodness that looks like so much fun! Thank you for linking-up with us at the Oh My Heartsie Girls Wordless Wednesday Link Party.

    Wishing you an awesome week!

    Co-Host OMHGWW

    1. It was... Thank you for visiting and for a great party. :)

  9. Looks like such fun! We just got a bunch of snow here in New England so hopefully some sledding is in our near future :) Thanks for sharing at the OMHG WW!

    1. Fun... hope you get to do some sledding! With the weather warming up here, we're not sure if we will have any sledding days or not. :) Thank you for visiting.

  10. This looks like fun! And something my son might come up with when he's older! Thanks for linking up at the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop! We hope you join us next week!

    1. It was fun! Kids do have a lot of ideas. :) Thank you for the great blog link up party.