Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Beautiful Colors of Fall!


  I love the colors of fall... they are glorious and so beautiful.

 Sometimes the colors are brilliant and other times they are more subdued, but they are all beautiful.

The quiet reflection of the various colors here isn't all brilliant, but is still appealing.

Trees that might not be noticed as much alone.... stand out when viewed with other trees.

Some of the trees are so bright and colorful... the color doesn't last long, but it is wonderful while it is here. 

Even just old fallen leaves floating in the water, managed to catch my attention.

 The colors reflect in this lake and dress the water in fall colors also.

Our brilliant sugar maple tree has lost all but a few leaves... yet those against the backdrop of other trees show the continued grandeur of the season.

 Those fallen leaves still look pretty and I love to leave them on the ground for a little while.  

Here is a link to another post about this subject.  :)

Leave the Leaves!

What a joy to walk in the crisp and sometimes warm, fall days and enjoy being outside as summer fully departs. Soon winter will come with its own beauty, but for now, I am really enjoying the fall season and I hope you are also.  

Thank you for visiting today...


  1. Hard to pick a favorite of this collection! I love them all! I am from Southern California, and we just don't get to see this here. On your lawn, it looks like a quilt... thank you for taking the time to share it!

    1. I do enjoy the beauty we see here and I would miss it if I lived where you are.... :) Thank you for visiting.

  2. These photos are beautiful!!! You definitely captured the beauty of fall. :)

  3. You take such beautiful photo's! I love fall and it's colors, you certainly know how to capture all it's glory!

    1. Thank you - I continue to be encouraged by those of you who visit my blog. :)

  4. First time visitor; I'm truly impressed with your photography... you have an artistic eye!

    1. Welcome... I am so glad you visited. :) Thank you for the kind comment also. :)