Sunday, July 30, 2017

Storm Damage and Flooding

 We have had some storms... some with heavy rain (5" overnight!), some with winds and loss of power and some just loud.

After one storm, there was a lot of tree damage... it was odd in that it looked like the tops of so many trees were twisted off, which may have been a microburst. There were also very strong straight winds. 

This picture has 2 arrows... the one on the left is pointing to a long piece of a tree branch... maybe 2' long x 1 1/2"... and it was stabbed into the ground. I am so thankful no one was there when it went into the ground with such force! 

The arrow on the right points to an area where a tree was in the road. There were trees and power lines down in many places.  Our damage was minimal, especially compared to what others experienced. Our power was out for 6 hours while it was so hot... making it hard to sleep. Oh, how we appreciate the air conditioning more now! Others were without power for longer... even days.

The winds were strong in this storm... the big branches and limbs were hitting the house and windows.... blowing on the roof and banging the roof... and flying to the other side of the house. We enjoy watching storms, but this one was scary.  We ended up having some damage to a roof vent which caused some leaking into the house, but we are thankful. By the way, our windows and even the screens were undamaged! So surprising, since the branches hit the windows.

 There were limbs and branches down... and some trees pulled up by the roots... some onto houses. It was a very violent storm and how thankful we were to be inside our home... and safe. There were leaves and clumps of leaves all over...whole leaves were plastered to the house and vehicles... then I also noticed that there were so many bits of leaves... tips of leaves and I wondered at the power that could tear those leaves to pieces and leave others whole. 

In this picture, you can see the hanging basket... it came through the storm just fine, as did other plants, but then some things were damaged greatly. It was an odd storm. 

Our 2 oldest sons went out in the still rainy aftermath of the storm, during the night and saw trees down, power lines down and they guarded a power line until emergency crews could get there. They also helped to move a tree and debris out of the road. 

 These poor people had much more damage to their house...  what a mess for them.

 Trying to go places was a challenge at times.. water runoff caused flooding... 5" of water overnight needed to go somewhere!

This picture shows the road ending in water... and it also shows that the water had already receded a lot... the debris in the foreground was where the water had been. Wow!

 Yes, there is a road down there under the water.

This looks like a lake... where there had been a wet area with cattails next to the road, but it flooded the area.... clear up near the train tracks. The road went up there, but was flooded at the time. 

 Such a large amount of water. Such amazing power. I am so thankful to know the God who controls the storms.

Do we still like to watch storms? Yes, but we do so with a soberness and marvel at the mighty hand of God.

I have been commenting on earlier posts, that the skies have been amazing this year... the cloud formations are wonderful. It has been a stormy year... yet there is still a wonderful beauty present and I am glad to take pictures of that beauty.  

Have you been seeing storms and damage this year?  Maybe you live in a place that has drought...  there are so many ways that the weather affects our lives. Thank you for visiting. I look forward to reading your comments. :)  I hope you have a good week.

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  1. My, I hate to hear of the awful storms. So thankful you and your family are safe, with minimal damage. God bless the others who had more damage.

    1. It was a scary storm, that's for sure! I'm so glad to know that God is trustworthy... even in the storms. :)

  2. Glad you are safe. Cleanup is always a lot of work but your boys seem like they are great workers!

    1. Thank you... and clean up is a lot of work, but it is so nice to have lots of help. :) They dealt with it quite quickly.

  3. HI Joy,
    So glad you and your family escaped the storm without a lot of damage. That area where the trees were twisted off sounds like a tornado might have touched that is what happened to a whole lot full of pinetrees that were nextdoor to us in hurricane Charley, our backyard looked like a war zone all full of pinetree tops, and we had heard this very loud whoosing noise during the storm at night, and we couldn't see anything till the next morning..........and it was first time to experinece any
    thing like it.....
    Makes one very thankful for your home and shelter during those times but we also realized
    there really wasn't a lot between us and the elements, and we like you were so thankful
    for the Lords protection over us, cause if that tornado had just been about 6 or 7 yeards
    closer our house or us might not have been here.........sobering yet ggratefully gratifying........
    You did a great job of recording the storm damage, and hope it doesn't take yall too
    long to clean up your yard......and for the water to recede. I feel for your poor neighbors there house is really a mess, so hope they get some help right away before
    it gets any worse from more rain or something.
    What state do you live in??

    Have a good week hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

    1. Wow... what a storm you went through also... storms can be so frightening and powerful. From what was said, there was no talk of tornadoes right close by, but I know that a microburst can cause some similar damage and it can be spotty... so that's what we are thinking. Our neighbors have tarps on their house now to keep rain out... I'm not sure what they will do to fix the problem... sure seems like a big one! Here in the Midwest USA, we do get storms... and tornadoes... they are interesting, but also sobering. Thank you for visiting and for your comment.... so nice to hear from you. :)

  4. Oh my that does look like some pretty serious damage


    1. We sure feel sorry for those people whose house was so damaged.

  5. Oh my! So distressing! I feel so badly for those who suffered damage. Glad your family came through ok.

    1. It was a rough storm... and I do feel sorry for those who had a lot of damage... and we are so thankful.

  6. Wow! It looked as if a tornado had blown by! The power of weather is incredible at times. I've been through quite a few earthquakes and it still sends shivers down my spine when I remember how ferocious they were and how helpless I felt. Glad you are alright and have minimal damage!

    1. Wow... earthquakes would be terrifying... I have felt only one and though small, it was enough for me. The weather can do amazing things... We are so thankful that all were okay and though there was damage, it seems that people are okay.

  7. Wow.
    I've only experienced serious flooding once, and it was frightening. I hope you came through with no problems.
    Thanks for linking up:

    1. Thankfully this flooding, for us, just meant some inconvenience... trying to find our way to our destination. Many people experienced much worse. Thank you the link up. :)

  8. That storm looks like it was wicked and left its mark.. Sorry for your losses but glad you are safe.

    1. It was a scary one... and our damage was minimal, thankfully. This was one of the extra powerful storms. Thank you for visiting. :)

  9. Glad you are all safe! Storms can be a powerful thing! 2 years ago we had one here that dumped over 9 inches (our gauge only went up to 9) in under 2 hours. Our neighbor's pond breached its berm and the water headed straight for our house. I was pregnant, home alone with 4 kids under 6! Scary day! We were taking on water. I moved all the furniture I could out. Fortunately, it only affected 1 room. Unfortunately, it was my sons' bedroom. They played campout with their sisters, and had great fun. Their dad and I ripped out the carpet and put down tile! Solved that time we'll just mop it up!

    Storms are powerful, that's for sure. Thanks for sharing! #TFT

    1. Wow... that was bad... 9" in 2 hours is horrible. Our 6" overnight was a big deal, but your storm was much worse! I am glad you were okay and that the damage has now been repaired. It is hard to have things like that happen when the man of the house isn't home and we have to take care of everything.. wow... so thankful for God's grace in such a time. Thank you for commenting.... that will be a story you will have to tell for years! :)

  10. Wow! That is a lot of rain. We have been having a very wet summer and a few storms have brought torrential rain and flash flooding but nothing quite like what you captured here. Glad you and your family were safe.

    1. It has been an odd summer... wet and hot... and makes me wonder what winter will be like! Thank you for visiting. :)