Sunday, March 5, 2017

In the Life of a Squirrel......

Squirrels are a nuisance.... but they can also be cute.

    I am not fond of them.... and part of the reason is that they steal my tomatoes!!!  You can read about that here:

Lessons From Squirrels?

They are busy and quick to dart from one place to another.

    They are fast... and they seem to be nesting again.... sigh.....   I have another blog post about a baby squirrel that was out of the nest. You can see those pictures, if you would like. Just click on the link below:

Baby Squirrel Out of the Nest

 I turned this one into a Happy Birthday Squirrel. You are welcome to save this image to use for wishing someone a happy birthday in an email or on Facebook or other. I just ask that you leave the Gentle Joy Photography on it and use the picture only as it is... and do not sell it.  Thank you.

Another previous post about squirrels is here:

Birds and Squirrels

 Well, anyway.... I continue to  take pictures of these silly little creatures. Though they steal my tomatoes, I must admit that they are rather cute to watch. 

 This little guy looked shy and a bit worried....  I wondered about putting captions with some of these pictures, but haven't done so yet.

This squirrel seemed to be injured... he held that paw up until he needed to use it....

These creatures were made by God...  and I continue to be amazed by God's creativity.    Thank you for visiting today....... I hope you have a delightful week.

"Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord."    Psalm 150:6

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  1. Yes they can be a bother but I do like them. When I had a yard full of them I used human hair around the plants I didn't want eaten. I'd get a bag from my hair dresser and put them around the plants in the spring. Otherwise the squirrels snacked on everything. Cute photos

    1. I have thought about doing that... I cut my guy's hair, so would have some here... I may try that, thank you for the reminder. Glad you enjoyed the photos.... I enjoyed taking them also. So glad you stopped by. :)

  2. Squirrels are very cute. We don't have any in New Zealand so it is a real treat when I see one. When I visit America, I am easily distracted by these little guys (the locals must think I'm crazy).

    1. I can't imagine not having any.... although sometimes that seems like it would be a good thing! Mainly when they are stealing my tomatoes and chewing on the lawn furniture!!! They are fun to watch though... and I can see how you would be distracted by them... those of us who see them often can be also. Thank you for stopping by and commenting... nice to hear from you. :)

  3. I love your Happy Birthday squirrel photo... perfect for a card, I love it! We don't have a problem with squirrels too much here, the dogs pretty much keep them away, I think. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of them close up, even though they are quite destructive cute little creatures!

    1. Thank you.... it just seems like that squirrel needs a caption, so it fit.A card is a good idea-thank you. :) We don't have a dog, but it would be nice for keeping the squirrels away. As always, it was delightful to hear from you.

  4. Thanks for sharing at Home Sweet Home!

  5. Beautiful photography. Great job capturing a moving target. I have plenty of squirrels but haven't been able to capture them like you. I get a little annoyed with them also because they dig in my plants on the porch.

    1. I have a LOT of photographs that show that I don't ALWAYS capture a moving target. :) Yes, those squirrels do dig in my plants on the porch too... it took me a few days of wondering WHY all that dirt was on the floor, before I figured out what was going on. :)